About raw food

Raw food is food that has not been heated above 48°C. This usually means uncooked foods, or more specifically, foods in their natural state.

Foods that are safe to eat raw are obviously things like veges, fruits, nuts and seeds – but there are many more outside these food groups that could very well be included.

Because raw food hasn’t been heat-treated, it is loaded with everything that enabled it to sprout and grow in the first place – enzymes, life force, vitamins and minerals. Untouched and untainted, raw food is literally honest food – what you see is what you get, nothing more, nothing less. No hidden ingredients, nothing messed around with, just pure delicious fresh live food that we are designed to eat – living food for living bodies.

As we start experimenting with raw food, we don’t just get it conceptually, but actually start to understand it as our body shifts up a gear and starts to look and feel more alive. When we have a first-hand personal experience of eating raw and living foods, the concept of what real food and nutrition is really all about starts to take on a whole new meaning. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating...together with the cakes, cookies and yummy treats!