Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to allow participants to be involved in learning how to prepare raw food. Whether you have to prepare food for a family member/friend who is a raw foodist, or curious about raw food diet or simply just want to be healthier (like us) who eat at least a meal of raw food each week, you will find that our workshops are beneficial towards your journey to raw foodism - for a meal, a day, or a lifetime. Participants get to try what they have made

Generally, 2 recipes are demonstrated and practised, but can go up to 8 recipes for Workshop for raw food parties At the end of each workshop, participants will be treated to a raw dessert and one of our health drinks. Participants will be supplied with the recipes they have learnt.

The minimum number is 4 and maximum is 6 participants for all our workshops at our premises. We can also tailor specific workshops to suit your needs, at our facilities or yours. Please email manager@foodforgood.co.nz for enquiries.



  • Workshop 1 - Raw Food Fast Food (For Beginners to Raw Food)
  • Workshop 2 - Raw Sauces & Pastas
  • Workshop 3 - Raw Bread and Bagels
  • Workshop 4 - Raw Snacks - Jerkies, crackers, cookies
  • Workshop 5 - Raw Desserts
  • Workshop 6 - Raw fermented drinks and smoothies
  • Workshop 7 - Raw Cheeses
  • Workshop 8 - Raw Cuisines
  • Workshop 9 - Throwing a Raw Food Cocktail Party
  • Workshop 10 -Throwing a Raw Food Dinner Party
  • Workshop 11 - Throwing a Raw Food Birthday Party
  • Workshop 12 - Throwing a Raw Food Wedding Party